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New Kindergarten Play Structure Complete

We are so grateful to Shayne Paynter and Sunitha Pillai, parents of kindergardner Inara Paynter for building the beautiful new play structure for our Early Childhood play yard.  There has been a wonderful air of anticipation for the past month as the children watched the structure be constructed in phases.  Every Monday morning they would arrive anxious to see the progress that had been made over the weekend.  Then, this Monday, wide eyes and smiles abounded as the children could see that the play structure was complete and they could finally climb to the top and slide down.

The structure has quickly become integrated into their outside play and children can be found up top, underneath and lifting buckets, baskets and other objects up and down on the pulley.  It is a wonderful addition to our grounds!

In a time when unstructured outside play seems to be almost disappearing, it is truly refreshing to see children outdoors running, skipping, climbing, swinging, jumping and sliding.  Look closer and you can see whole worlds come to life as the children imagine all kinds of scenarios and act them out with their play mates.  Sand buckets became knights’ helmets and the play structure became a castle as the children battled an imaginery red, fiery dragon – just one scenario I witnessed on a recent visit to the kindergarten.

The importance of this type of unstructured imaginative play is crucial to the healthy development of our children physically, emotionally and socially and it is comforting to know there is a school where this is recognized and valued.

~ Christina Wise, Suncoast Waldorf School parent