We value the role of parents at Suncoast Waldorf School and view them as partners in the education of their children.  Working together, we determine what is best for each individual child from an academic, social, physical and emotional standpoint.  We recognize that parents know their own children better than anyone else and that that knowledge, together with the knowledge the teachers bring of child development from an anthroposophical viewpoint, gives a full picture of the child that is essential for the child’s well-being.

Parents play a crucial role in the life of the school in the areas of strategic planning, website development, financial stability, marketing, landscaping, enrollment and in the rich festival life of the school.  They bring their professional skills to bear on these important areas that will sustain the school into the future, working hand in hand with the faculty and administrative staff of the school.

Parents attend an all-school meeting at the end of August before the opening of school in September as well as a “State of the School” meeting in January.  New parents to the school take part in a new-parent orientation meeting, also held at the end of August.

During the school year four class meetings are held for each grade and for the kindergarten and nursery.  During these meetings parents learn about the deeper aspects of Waldorf education and have an opportunity to see all of the children’s work on display.

All parents are invited to Parent Community meetings held regularly throughout the year when they are able to generate ideas on how they can work for the betterment of the school in all areas.

Throughout the year parents can take advantage of handcrafting and wellness workshops as well as talks given by notable speakers from the Waldorf movement. Four times a year everyone who wishes to participate is invited to turn out for an energetic day of landscaping and beautifying the school and grounds.  Children also take part in these community days.  It is often noted by parents that becoming part of a Waldorf school is a transforming experience for the whole family, not just for the children in the school and we believe that this is an important aspect of the school that makes Waldorf schools stand out.

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