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Harvest Walk

The children participated in the annual Harvest Walk.  The kindergarden children dressed up like pumpkins for the Harvest Walk that took them from classroom to classroom around the school.  Each Grade played a role in being the bankers, farms, millers, and bakers.



1st Graders were the bankers.  They greeted the children and gave them each a coin.

2nd Graders were the farmers who took the coins and give them some wheat.


3rd Graders were the millers who took the wheat and turned it into flour, each child then received a tiny bag of flour.


4th and 5th Graders were the bakers, who took the flour and give the children a tiny muffin.

It is a wonderful festival that all the children enjoy.  The younger kids enjoyed going from room to room and experiencing the process, while the older children enjoyed playing the role of bankers, farmers, millers and bakers.  Afterwards the kindergarten class enjoyed a Puppet show.