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Get Your Hot Fresh Donuts!

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Thompson’s 6th grade class set up shop in the school’s Peace Garden to sell hot, fresh donuts to their fellow schoolmates and parents.  A line quickly formed as the aroma of frying donuts wafted across the parking lot.  Students Rain Test-Balsley and Sebastian Gause worked frantically at the fryer to keep up with the demand while other classmates corralled customers, took money and even sold plates of donuts and drinks at their satellite location near the main building.

As part of the Business Math block of their 6th grade curriculum, the class had jointly decided on the donut fundraiser.  They worked together to build a business plan with a goal of eventually raising $1,000 for their class.  Student ‘investors’ raised initial capital of $40 with which to buy all of the necessary raw materials.  Students were responsible for virtually all aspects of the project.  Students  determined the budget for ingredients, created marketing materials for their business, held a sample day to test their product and perfected their production process for making the donuts.  Their lessons incorporated basic Business Math concepts like the calculation of interest and the use of ratio and proportion to solve problems.  After two weeks of sales, the class was able to pay back all of their original investors with interest.

After this Wednesday’s sales success, Mr. Thompson was able to use the experience to discuss business shortages and surpluses.  Students then came up with creative solutions to improve their business model – all while having fun, and not eating too much of their inventory.  Come out next Wednesday at pick-up and support the 6th grade by purchasing a donut or sparkling water – all just $1 each!