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School Organization

As is customary in Waldorf schools, Suncoast Waldorf School is governed by a three-fold structure comprised of the Board of Trustees, which is responsible for legal and financial matters, the Faculty, which is responsible for pedagogical matters, and the Administration, which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.  We also have an active Parent Council which represents the interests of the Parent Body and fosters a greater sense of community.  A variety of school committees also serve to carry out school objectives.


The Faculty of Suncoast Waldorf School is responsible for setting the school curriculum and is the guardian of the school’s vision and mission.  Faculty makes decisions regarding teacher staffing and program offerings within budgetary constraints.  Faculty holds weekly meetings and works through any issues collaboratively.  Decisions are made by consensus.  The Grades Chair for 2018-19 is Susan Brown, and our Early Childhood Chair is Kendall Potts.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of parents, faculty, and friends of the school who have been invited to join as members, and the school Administrator / Director, who is an ex-officio member. The Board supports the work of the administration and the faculty by discussing and making recommendations on budgets and finance, legal matters, fundraising and development, and strategic planning.  Many standing school committees report directly to the Board and the Board may also establish temporary committees to accomplish special tasks. Members of the community are welcome to refer matters of concern to the Board through written communication with the chairperson or by attendance at the open session of the Board.  Board minutes are kept in a binder in the school’s office and are available to the community.  Click here to learn more.


The Administration oversees the daily business and operation of the school office, deals with issues of policy, equality and relations with the state. Additionally, the Administration assures clear communication among all facets of the school community, making sure that the rights of the individual (parents, students, teachers) are balanced along with considerations related to matters of the state, accrediting bodies and the like.

Parent Council

The Parent Council serves as a forum for parents’ ideas and concerns and as a forum where any current issues within the community can be expressed and discussed.  The Parent Council facilitates and encourages parent’s active participation and communication with Faculty and the Board.  It also serves to foster a sense of community and strengthen social bonds within the greater school community.  Each class selects one parent to serve as Parent Council representative for that class for the year.  Parent Council currently meets monthly and encourages any member of the parent body to attend.

Class Parents

In addition to the Parent Council representative, each class / class teacher selects a Class Parent.  It is the role of the Class Parent to facilitate communication between the class teacher and the parents of his or her class.  Class parents’ responsibilities will vary from class to class.