A Visit from Eugene Schwartz

  By Christina Plyler – Wise Suncoast Waldorf School was honored to have Eugene Schwartz, author of Millennial Child and respected Waldorf teacher, trainer and consultant, to visit our school this past week.  Mr. Schwartz spent time visiting… Read More


By Karen Schmidt My Fourth/Fifth Grade Class journeyed to the Everglades, as a finale to their studies of Florida Geography and History and Florida’s Eco-Systems.  Myself, two courageous grown-ups (Kelly Ford and Aaron Leroux), and 24 innocent children made… Read More

Rainy Days

Last week, after an exceptionally rainy night, one corner of our meadow turned into…. a lake.  Rain coats and rain boots were donned and the children had FUN.  Many an extra outfit were needed, but it was all… Read More

3rd and 4th Grades Travel to Sweetwater Organic Farm

Ms. Schmitt’s 3rd/4th Grade class spent Friday at Sweetwater Organic Community Farm in Tampa. Gardening and Farming are part of the Waldorf Curriculum, which strives to provide practical knowledge and experiences for the children. The students weeded, composted,… Read More