Waldorf Education

Receive the child with reverence, educate the child with love, and send the child forth in freedom. ~Rudolf Steiner

Waldorf education is now the fastest growing independent educational movement in the world, offering the full range of education for children from 3 to 18 years of age. Waldorf schools, always begun by groups of parents and teachers, are now found in 83 different countries. Each school is autonomous but is linked to all other Waldorf schools through the common vision that this schooling can help children to become free-thinking, socially-responsible, and strong-willed adults.

The first Waldorf school opened in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919. Emil Molt, the owner/director of the local Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Factory, asked Austrian scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, to establish a school for the children of his employees that would be the ideal education for the times. Steiner took this opportunity to demonstrate how a school curriculum and teaching methods could develop clarity of thought, sensitivity of feeling and strength of will in human beings. The result was Waldorf education.

There are presently 250 Waldorf schools in North America and nearly 1000 Waldorf schools worldwide. The first school in the United States was the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan , established in 1928. There are fourteen Waldorf teacher training centers in North America.