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3rd and 4th Grades Travel to Sweetwater Organic Farm

Ms. Schmitt’s 3rd/4th Grade class spent Friday at Sweetwater Organic Community Farm in Tampa. Gardening and Farming are part of the Waldorf Curriculum, which strives to provide practical knowledge and experiences for the children. The students weeded, composted, planted and harvested, as well as experienced how sun, water, wind, and earth are crucial to the growing process.

After enjoying a wonderful salad of lettuce, edible flowers and edible weeds (all harvested by the students), the children enjoyed some exciting recess time on the farm. Running through the woods, trying to cross the creek without getting wet or muddy (not too much success there), and swinging on the rope swing were favorite activities. The children’s work and play were filled with teamwork and support, courage, joy, and an enthusisam for life and all its wonders that is difficult to teach, but easily demonstrated by these happy¬†children.